Alex wants the fresh zoo and try shocked when he heard Marty’s need to exit and you can live-in the fresh crazy

Alex wants the fresh zoo and try shocked when he heard Marty’s need to exit and you can live-in the fresh crazy


Alex contains the identity very similar to that of a high profile as the guy turned new celebrity of your zoo at the an incredibly early age.

Since the main destination of the zoo, he’s searched greatly toward gift suggestions and offer an “Alex the fresh Lion” snowfall world and other merchandise to help you Marty to possess his birthday celebration. The guy and shows an enthusiastic infatuation which have steak, no matter if later comments one sushi preferences finest.

In the first movie, he had been extremely scared when he receive his predatory characteristics and performed his best to divide himself from others to guard them. Even after their pride and you can selfishness, Alex is very loyal so you’re able to his most other Zooster members of the family, specifically Marty. Alex never ever loses the ability to present and you will boast that he’s a celebrity, however, either some examples make him afraid, such as for example when he tries to handle new penguins or his attempts to flirt having Gia throughout the circus. He could be and determined to resolve something as he knows the guy spoiled him or her, instance when he battles having Marty, otherwise his make an effort to re also-squeeze into the new lion’s satisfaction or even to convince the Zoosters to come back to the new circus and apologize to any or all.

Alex is even really productive, they can raise morale to any or all as much as your and you may has good leadership event, particularly in the 3rd film, as he actually seems to head a complete circus.


When Alex are young, Zuba provided him instructions inside hunting and fighting however, try distressed when he (title supplied to your of the his mothers before losing him) prominent so you’re able to dancing. In another of their classes, whenever Zuba is actually distracted to fight Makunga, Alakay is grabbed by the poachers, because his father made an effort to help save him prior to getting try in the the fresh new ear from the among candidates, resulting in him to fall off the vehicle, Alakay’s field decrease into the lake and you can Zuba did not see, returning to chasing the newest seekers.

Zuba spent months interested in Alakay from the put aside up to he achieved a certain date in which he believed he’d maybe not get back once the hunters had slain your. Zuba spent the last decades blaming themselves to the death of their son.

When Alex together with zoosters show up on almost every other dogs regarding Africa, Zuba don’t receive her or him well. Concurrently, Alex kept deciding on your because his deal with try slightly familiar, Zuba mistook Alex’s conditions given that an issue to his leader leadership and you can endangered him, but are dropped by his wife, Florrie, whom immediately understood him once the his son. Zuba and you can Florrie acknowledged your of the birthmark from his paw, hence in the long run curing his forgotten boy. Alex try happy to be aware that he’d moms and dads. Alex informed their moms and dads which he is the brand new “King of medical dating sites new York:, nonetheless translated him as extremely becoming a real Queen. Zuba is delighted to your arrival of their child, he also put your into the pleasure, but Makunga said he might never be part until he introduced the latest Rite out of Passing hullabaloo.

In the evening, Zuba and Florrie exhibited Alex in which the guy slept when he are an effective cub, they even told your just how he previously disappeared at the time. Zuba had been blaming themselves for just what happened however, Florrie always reminded him that it was never their fault. Their parents finished up encouraging your and you may wishing your all the best toward rite of one’s next day.

Unfortunately, Alex destroyed the brand new rite while the the guy considered that it actually was really a dance battle and not a fight. The guy along with his loved ones was banished whenever Makunga took control. Alex is upset when his father told your he was maybe not a true lion.

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